Lanthanum Tungsten Pin

Tungsten Pin Picture

Lanthanum tungsten pin is tungsten pin products added rare earth lanthanum oxide in tungsten base through powder metallurgy and rolling polishing process produced.

With pure tungsten or tungsten activation (thorium tungsten lanthanum, cerium tungsten, zirconium, tungsten, tungsten) as a consumable electrode inert gas shielded arc welding, using the electric arc between tungsten electrode and workpiece melt metal and the formation of a weld. During the welding process of tungsten is melting, only ACTS as electrode. At the same time, by the torch nozzle in argon or helium for protection. Can also according to ned to add another metal.

Tungsten pin is suitable for the finish machining of chilled cast iron,ductile cast iron,heat-resistant alloy steel,non ferrous metal and nonmetal.