Sharpened Tungsten Pin

Tungsten Pin Picture

The tungsten pin with the tip that sharpened tungsten pin is mainly used for the instrument probe using. Such as digital four probe tester, the device is a multi-purpose measuring equipment using four point probe measurement principle.

Tungsten, tungsten filament, tungsten pin and various forging components for tube production, radio electronics and X-ray technology. Incandescent tungsten filament is helical filaments and the best materials. High operating temperature (2200 ~ 2500 ℃) to ensure a high luminous efficiency, low evaporation rate to ensure long life of the wire. Tungsten wire for manufacturing an electronic oscillator tube directly heated cathode and the gate electrode, the cathode and the high voltage rectifier and a variety of electronic devices indirectly heated cathode heater. Do the right contacts and tungsten atoms cathode and cathode, as well as radio equipment hydrogen torch electrode X-ray tube and the gas discharge tube. Tungsten and tungsten rod as a high temperature furnace (up to 3000 ℃) is a heater. A tungsten heater in a hydrogen atmosphere, an inert atmosphere or in vacuum.